Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It appears there is a new website which will fill the gap left by the exit of 'Random Acts of  Genealogical Kindness'. It's Generous Genealogists, which is manned by a community of volunteers who agree to provide free genealogy research and assistance, as an act of kindness, to 'those in need'. They are also 'a vibrant, vital and growing community teaching and helping each other in the best methods and traditions of the genealogists of today, yesterday and hopefully tomorrow'.
Generous Genealogists volunteers agree to donate their time for free and recipients agree to reimburse volunteers for any costs or expenses incurred in fullfilling their request. (e.g. copies, printing fees, postage, parking fees, mileage etc.)
The assitacne, research and networking provided is made availabel freely and without respect or intent of financial gain. All any of hte volunteers will ever request of you is expense reimbursement and a 'Thank You'.
This is a website you should check out to see what it offers and what you can offer to the cause.

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