Monday, November 19, 2012

Tip: use colour

This is a great tip when compiling your family history – use colour to as a means to organise your information. It may seem obvious to some, but we use colour a lot in our everyday lives without thinking about it. Green for go, red for stop, yellow/orange for warnings. So why don’t we use colour when doing family history?
When you create charts and forms for your personal use, you can incorporate colour to help you organise your information. When you are sure of the information, write it in black, however have your tried to colour your assumptions or references to some members of your family tree. Perhaps if you are still checking references they should be in orange, or if you doubt the authenticity of your information, maybe they should be in red. You may prefer to highlight some aspects of your family tree or put all those related to a particular ancestor in blue.
Whatever colours you choose, they will help make things stand out, highlight key details and generally make your information easier to analyse and understand.



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