Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What will happen to all your digital information, when you’re gone?

Over the past few months I have talked about social networking by the deceased or about the deceased with Evertalk, a facebook application to celebrate and remember lost family and friends and DeadSocial, a social networking site to continue posting after you have died. The Sydney Sun Herald of 16 September, 2012, p.21, says ‘mourners will soon be able to scan a bar code on graves to access a virtual memorial of lost loved ones’. This new innovation allows you to swipe the grave with a smart phone to trigger images and messages of the deceased.
Technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate and record our lives. When a young friend of ours died recently, I got the funeral details from the newspaper and my son accessed the information on facebook. Have you ever wondered what will happen to all this virtual data, especially once you are gone?
Some experts are now suggesting you create a digital estate plan. So when you make your will, or power or attorney, or enduring power of attorney, you should also make known what you would like to happen with your digital estate and select a family member to administer that digital estate. So at the very least you will need to provide a list of user accounts and passwords to that family member or friend, and they can post a notice of your demise to your online friends. They also can continue to pay hosting fees, if any, to keep your data online.
There is now a Swiss company, SecureSafe, that will transfer your files and passwords to your associates, friends and relatives that you designate, should something happen to you. You can determine exactly who should receive your data. As safe as a Swiss bank account! You do not need a lawyer, and the data inheritance is simple and easy to setup. SecureSafe will store passwords and any files that you wish to pass on. You could even save a "digital last will and testament" on the site as well as an electronic copy of your standard will and any other documents you want to make sure become available to your associates, friends, and relatives after your demise. Not everyone will receive everything. Each file and each password will be given only to the individuals you designate. The basic service is free with prices up to $12.90 (U.S.) per month, for service upgrades. Further details are available at http://www.securesafe.com/en/features/inheritance.html.

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