Tuesday, October 30, 2012

British Network Rail

Network Rail has opened an online archive showcasing the heritage of today’s railway infrastructure in England. The archive brings together original documents from the earliest days of railway construction, allowing you to discover 19th Century engineering.
The railway has created large quantities of records, however not all information relating to the history Network Rail. These records have become widely dispersed in archives and museums across the country.
The National Archives, Kew holds the main business records of English and Welsh railway companies nationalise in 1947.
The National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh holds records relating to the development of railways in Scotland and the main business records of Scottish Railway companies nationalised in 1947.The National Railway Museum, York holds various collections relating to the history of civil engineering and signalling. They hold major collections of railway photography, posters and artwork.
Records relating to non-operational railway land and buildings belong to British Railways Board Residuary Ltd. BRB(R)’s policy is to deposit these records at the National Archives, the National Archives of Scotland, or a suitable archive repository. Searching in the
National Register of Archives will tell you where records relating to a particular railway company, location or person are held.
Railway staff records from 1833 to 1963 are available through ancestry.com.
Image: High Level Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne

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