Sunday, October 25, 2009

Letters of a Nation

As part of Australia Post's Letters of a Nation campaign, they have developed an online archive that will preserve all letter submissions and act as a resource tool for generations to come.
The Letter Archive can be searched via category e.g.Friendship/Mateship/Romance;
Migration; Family/Childhood/Children/Home; Culture/Arts; Humour; Sport;
Business/Commerce/Employment; Protest; Politics; War; Life events(births,deaths,marriages); Religion; Milestone events i.e. Federation, Bicentenary; Environment; Education; Health/Healthcare; Social trends/Change (movements, fashions); Science/Technology/Research/Innovation.

Or search Letter Archive via era..
1809-1849; 1850-1899; 1900-1909; 1910-1919; 1920-1930; 1930-1939; 1940-1949; 1950-1959; 1960-1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009.
You can also submit your own letters to the site or subscribe for updates.
Example: A father's letter to his son after release from a POW camp.
Ron Castle, the son of a POW soldier in the Second World War, was Australia Post's Letters of a Nation campaign first submission.
The letter is written from Ron's father, Charles Castle to Ron telling him he looks forward to catching up on 'some great times, just you and I'. The letter is particularly poignant; because for fifteen months Charles' family did not know if he was dead or alive following a telegram advising that he was 'Missing in Action'.
As it was, Charles was actually a Prisoner of War soldier in Malaya throughout this time.
Ron submitted his letter to give recognition to his father and to his father's mates who were not as lucky as he was to return home to their families.

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