Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BDM Indexes

We have been spoiled with our access to on-line indexing for births, deaths and marriages in NSW. We can look up births from 1788 to 1907, deaths from 1788 to 1977 and marriages from 1788 to 1957. Victoria teases us with a search facility then charges to look at the results. ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania do not have searchable on-line records, but Queensland and Western Australia are now on-line. Queensland has records available for births 1829-1914, deaths 1829 – 1929 and marriages 1829 – 1929. Western Australia has birth indexes from 1841 – 1932, death indexes from 1841 – 1953 and marriage indexes from 1841 – 1932. The Archives Office of Tasmania does have some on-line indexes, but these are limited, and births deaths & marriage records (up to 1900) are split between here and the Registry of BDM (after 1900)

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