Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cluster Genealogy

Cluster genealogy is a research technique employed by genealogists to learn more about an ancestor by examining records left by the ancestor's cluster. A person's cluster consists of the extended family, friends, neighbors, and other associates such as business partners. Researching the lives of an ancestor's cluster leads to a more complete and more accurate picture of the ancestor's life.
In order to work with cluster genealogy, you must think beyond the direct lineage. It is important to know the names of all the siblings of your ancestor. In the case of a parent for whom you cannot find anything, then it is the siblings of the child who is your direct link. You then must find all records that may have been created for those individuals throughout their life.
As an example, when searching for the parents of Lucinda Wheeler, it was suspected that they were Ezrin Wheeler, whose wife was Rachel. Rachel's maiden name was not known, and the records so far found on Lucinda were not giving any clues to support this hypothesis about the link from Lucinda to Ezrin and Rachel.
In locating the obituary for Lucinda it was discovered that she had one brother still living at the time of her death. In turning to research the brother, his death certificate gave the name of his father, and also the full name including the maiden name of his mother – information that would not have been found if the focus remained on Lucinda.

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