Monday, October 13, 2014

NSW BDM new online search

Have you tried to use the new online search facility at NSW Births, Death & Marriages? We have been spoiled in NSW with ease of searching historical registrations of births, deaths & marriages. The new search facility was to offer improvements, but they have been slow in coming and users have had to learn some new techniques to get the best use from the site.
The website address is still & from this main page go to the Family History Tab. There is no longer an annual release of registrations, but access is now available to births over 100 years old, marriages more than 50 years old and deaths more than 30 years old.
The wildcard function has been restored. You can use '?' or '*'
e.g. Anders?n to search for Anderson or Andersen (The ? replaces one character)
 or  Thom* will search for Thompson, Thomson, Thomas, Thomms etc. (The * replaces multiple characters)
A Soundex search facility is supposed to be coming.
You need to select your search i.e. Birth, death or Marriage. You are required to enter both a Surname and Given name, however if you use the wildcard *, it will help you get around this. e.g. Surname: Anderson & Given Name: * - so you get all the Andersons in the data base. Don't forget to enter a specific date or a date range. e.g. 21/4/1890 or 1/1/1890 to 31/6/1890. this will help narrow down your results.
There is a step-by-step guide to make better use of the website, but you won't get any helpful hints when using the search facility. The site is being continually improved, so users just need to be patient as better functionality is introduced.

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