Monday, April 28, 2014


Have you looked at Find-A-Record yet?
It’s a new website that allows you to search for genealogical records by a town, region, or geographic area, and it tells you what records exist in the place and time period that your ancestors lived. It looks at the records on FamilySearch, Ancestry, FindMyPast, WorldVitalRecords and other websites that have records that apply to that geographic area.
It has a simple homepage - look for the SEARCH button in the top left corner, this then takes you to another screen. Here you simply type in a place, narrow it down by year span, choose if you want to include only free records or paid record (or both), then tick which records you wish to look for (births, marriages, deaths, census, military, miscellaneous), and hit the SEARCH button.
Don’t expect to find everything, but you are more than likely to find some records for even small and remote towns or villages when looking for places in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, & New Zealand. There is also a video of how to make the most of the site. However it does not take you to the exact record, but rather the record set you should be looking in. It helps to narrow down your search by place, providing relevant records for your ancestors.



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