Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I recently came across Origins.net (http://www.origins.net/ ), which claims to be ‘the premier resource for tracing your British and Irish ancestors’. You can pay a subscription or search and then pay for documents, but it is supposed to have access to wills and probate records, key Irish records and specialist British and London records, which is not very specific, and makes you wonder if you can get the same information from other sources. The site has recently made available Greater London Burials 1545 – 1909. These indexes cover the City of London, Middlesex and South London (metropolitan Surrey) parishes and include well over half a million burials. This index brings together hundreds of individual registers. The project was commenced in 1978 by Cliff Webb and continues on to cover to end of the burial registers rather than 1837, where a lot of other databases cease. Certainly worth a look if this could apply to your ancestors.

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