Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Social Networking From Beyond The Grave

Death may no longer be the end of things, including posting to Facebook and Twitter! A new U.K. site will put your social networking accounts to good use even after you’re passed into the world of your ancestors.
You can link your DeadSocial account to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and write messages to loved ones and friends to be sent out at given times after your death — days, months, even years after you’ve passed. According to The Next Web, a “super administrator,” or a person you’ve chosen to access DeadSocial in the event of your death, can “untick” your account to indicate you’ve died and your pre-written messages can be sent out. You can learn more at http://vimeo.com/32396624
DeadSocial is a free platform that allows us to schedule secret messages. These are only distributed across our social networks when we die. The website was announced at South by South West (SXSW) as a finalist in The London Web Summit startup competition & a final four startup in The Next Web & Microsoft's Startup Rally 2012.

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