Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Australian BDMs on Ancestry

The following indexes are now available on the Ancestry database:
Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1949
Australia Birth Index, 1788-1922
Australia Death Index, 1787-1985
Australia and New Zealand Obituary Collection

This can make seaching easier, if you don't already know the State in which the event was registered, but also more costly if don't have free access to Ancestry through your local library.
It is possible to seach each state individually, but Ancestry has provided a single portal through which to search.
A word of warning: I searched for Norman Hinds in Ancestry. Norman was born in 1905 & died 1985. I did not find a reference to his birth record, but found his marriage record and numerous references in the Sands Directory. After some time looking I had to limit the search to particualr databases within Ancestry, but I still couldn't find the birth record. I found lots of other Hinds, with variant spellings, but not the one I was looking for, and I know I can bring up his record easily and quickly when searching

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Blogger Helen said...

With the Death records for a married woman, Ancestry incorrectly converts the woman's father's surname to her married surname.

You just need to be aware of this when you get an odd result.

August 13, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

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